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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Guidelines Of School Rules


  1. PARKING: As a parking space facility is made available to the student.School cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage. Please see that the student puts extra lock for safety.
  2. LICENCE: Students holding valid driving licence only will be allowed to park the vehicle in the school parking.
    1. Students should reach school on time. The school gates will be closed after reporting time.
    2. Students reaching late shall be sent home. Parents must ensure that the child leaves home on time.
    3. Permission to leave school. During school hours no student will be granted leave under any circumstances. There is no provision for half day leave.
    4. Parents / guardians are requested not to send young boys / girls to school to pick / drop the student.
  4. UNIFORM: The students ought to enter the campus only in clean and properly ironed uniform according to the days. Sleeveless sweater is compulsory after the Diwali break.
  5. MAT FOR YOGA: For performing Suryanamaskar every student will bring one mat every Wednesday and Saturday.
    1. For boys : Hair must be cut short.
    2. For girls : Two/ One pony tied with ribbon for long hair and a hair band for short hair. No girl student is allowed to use coloured hair clips, hair bands etc. nor are they allowed to grow nails, apply nail paints or have their hair dyed.
  7. ACCESSORIES: Students are not permitted to wear jewellery in school. Boys cannot wear bands / fancy wrist bands / rings / bracelets / chains. Girls cannot wear fancy jewellery except small ear studs or earrings at their own risk. Any breach of this rule will cause the articles to be confiscated by the school. No student will carry any expensive article.
    1. Every student must carry a school diary in assembly. It is compulsory for all the students to have the diary of the current year.
    2. Parents must check the diary of their wards daily.
  9. P.D. PROFORMA: P.D. proforma will be distributed to students in the beginning of each semester. Parents are requested to fill it looking to the interest of the students and send it back the next day.
  10. ABSENCE :
    1. 80% attendance is compulsory before each summative assessment.
    2. Parents / Guardians are requested to discourage their wards from missing the school.
    3. Students must bring the leave proforma filled and signed only by the parent / registered guardian stating the reasons for the absence. Action will be taken in case the leave proforma is not submitted and signed by the management / class teacher.
    4. If a student remains absent continuously for 6 days without prior information his / her name will be struck off from the school rolls.
    5. Irregular attendance will be seriously dealt with.
    6. For classes IX-XII 75% attendance is compulsory according to CBSE norms, any case of short attendance will be sent to the Board for further action.
  11. SCHOOL CIRCULARS/LETTER: Any circular or letter should be read carefully.
  12. WITHDRAWALS: For the withdrawal of a child from the school, a calendar month’s notice in writing or a month’s fee in lieu is required. If the notice given is for less than one month, the next month’s fee will be charged.
    No transfer certificate will be issued until all school dues have been cleared. T. C. will be issued after a week of submitting the application. Caution Money shall be refunded on specified time only.
  13. STATIONERY: Students must use only school exercise books.
  14. STATIONERY: Students must use only school exercise books.
  15. LIBRARY :
    1. Books are issued from the library for a week. They should be issued and deposited in the specified library period.
    2. Strict action will be taken for tearing or tampering with and for books lost or misplaced in the library. Students will be asked to deposit the actual cost of the same.
  16. DISCIPLINE: Students have to be disciplined and maintain decorum of the school. Disobedient students will be seriously dealt with.
    1. Damaging School Property: Mishandling or destroying the school property calls for strict action and fine.
    2. Mobile/ Electronic Gadgets: Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones or any other electronic gadgets. If found, the school will confiscate them for a complete session.
    3. Damaging School Property: Mishandling or destroying the school property calls for strict action and fine.
    4. Homework: Students with incomplete homework will stay back after the school and complete the work.
    5. Misbehaviour: The teacher will act as the supreme authority in the classroom. If students or parents are found misbehaving, shouting etc. it will call for immediate action. The school holds the right to discharge the student from the school for the same. Students will be issued DEMERIT CARDS (Yellow Card, Orange Card, Red card).
    6. Students will not carry any cash to the school.
    7. If a student gets three notes on one page he /she will be given first warning followed by Demerit Cards – yellow, orange and red. In case of serious indiscipline charges, red cards can be issued directly.
    8. Theft: In case any theft is reported to the school authority, the school will hand over the case to the police.
    9. A Demerit Card will be issued against those students who leave the school premises without the permission of the school authority.
    10. Roaming around the city during school hours in school uniform will be considered as a breach of conduct. The student will be issued a Demerit Card.
    11. Students who get a demerit card will also get the remark for the same in the report card.
    12. Language: If a student is found using objectionable language, he / she will be suspended from the school immediately.
    13. Mobility Checking: After every long break (Diwali, Winter break etc.) when students come back on the first day after each break their mobility will be checked during assembly.
    14. Damaging School Property: Mishandling or destroying the school property calls for strict action and fine.
  17. PHOTOGRAPH : Any photograph of your child / ward clicked being the student of CPS can be used by school for prospectus / diary / newsletter / magazine / newspaper advertisement / website / social media and can be used even after a student passes out or leaves the school.

Note: Please read these rules carefully and if you are willing to follow, only then continue your child in the school. You will have to abide by these rules compulsorily.