School & Hostel admissions for Academic session 2024-25 are open now with limited seats. Hostel - Central Public School, Udaipur

Hostel (+Rules)

Hostel (+Rules)

Boarding House: B.P. Joshi Hostel

Ranked 3rd in Rajasthan and 29th in the country, CPS is the Best Day-cum-Boarding School in Udaipur, Nestled in the city of lakes and surrounded by the Aravallis, B.P. Joshi Boarding house offers the best of facilities for the overall development of a child.

Bricks and mortar alone do not make an institution, the vision, mission and ethos plays a very important role. CPS always believed in however, since these houses the paraphernalia needed to keep body and mind in the right frame, constant improvement in infrastructure is a necessary and an ongoing process. With the changing era Computers are used to teach computer science courses and as a resource for educational and administrative purposes.

General Rules for Boarders

To engender and enhance discipline among our borders we request you to adhere to the following hostel rules:

  1. Hostel students will follow the daily routine of the hostel and the school, unless exempted on medical grounds on recommendation of the Hostel Warden/ Medical officer.
  2. Boarders are not allowed to keep or take medicine, tonic etc. without the knowledge of theHostel Warden/Medical officer. All medicine must be handed over to the Warden.
  3. Transistors, record players, I-pods, laptops, tape recorders etc. should not be used in the rooms.
  4. Borders are not allowed to stay in rooms during school hours, games, activity & prep hours.
  5. Borders are not allowed to take any day scholar to their rooms.
  6. Appliances such as electric kettles, heaters, iron should not be used in the rooms.
  7. All notices will be put up on the hostel notice board. Announcement, if any, will be made during dinner time/ lunch tine/ assembly.
  8. Please do not send any valuables or cash through your ward(s) without the knowledge of the House Warden/ Principal. Particularly those which are not enlisted in the given list of the items handed over to you at the time of admission.
  9. On request of the parents, remedial classes will be made available for weak students. Extra payment has to be made for the same.
  10. Any hostel student falling sick will report to the Hostel Warden immediately.
  11. Expensive parties to celebrate Birthdays are not allowed. The school will arrange a cake and sweets and a small party. The House Warden will undertake the arrangement for this. The amount spent on the said party will be billed to the parents.
  12. The student should not bring any kind of tuck from home. (Extra eatables, pickles, chutney and digestive tablets are not permissible.)
  13. The child has an option to join the co-curricular activities, yoga, swimming etc.
  14. Parents are required to get the student’s hostel number stitched on each clothing item(s) the student has.
  15. Students can avail the facility of tuck shop, tailor, cobbler etc. on writing on a slip with the signature of the Warden.
  16. Parents/ Local guardians are requested to be intimate to the school in case of any change of address.
  17. Hostellers going with permission out for any reason will have to report before 6.30 P.M.
  18. The management will not be held responsible for any mishap or accident that happened to the student outside school premises, school or hostel.
  19. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in hostels. If mobile phones are found with the student, they will be confiscated and will not be returned. Also a monetary fine of Rs.2000 for the first time, Rs.5000 for the second time and so on will be applicable.
  20. Hostel provides outgoing call facility to the students on chargeable basis and the same will be deducted from their pocket money each month.
  21. Students will be allowed to use the call facility twice a week on specific phone numbers provided by the parents.
  22. Boarders will not be allowed to go home until it is an emergency. No leave application to go home would be entertained.
  23. Parents who want to meet their ward apart from meeting days have to take prior permission from wardens at least 24 hours in advance.
  24. Students who are coming late after any of the vacation without the written permission from warden will be fined Rs.1000 per day.
  25. A new set of hostel uniforms has to be purchased every year to maintain hygiene.
  26. Hostel dress and shoes are compulsory, Students not wearing them will be fined.
  27. Parents are requested to attend Parents-Teachers Meeting (PTM) to get the feedback of academic performance of their ward.
  28. Going out of campus for tuitions or remedial classes is strictly prohibited. In exceptional cases parents must provide the consent letter for movement outside campus and will take full responsibility of any mishappening. The school/hostel management will not be responsible for any Happenings or accidents outside the school and hostel premises.
  29. Students must ensure that whenever they leave their hostel room they have to keep everything properly arranged. Bed sheets must be spread neatly on the bed or else affine of Rs.100 will be charged.
  30. Students taking admission in 9th & 11th on hostel seats will not be allowed to leave the hostel in 10th & 12th. If the student wish to leave the hostel, it will be deemed that the student is not continuing in school and hostel and the management can allocate that seat to another student.
  31. In case the hostel facility is not taken by the student for any reason, student has to pay the entire hostel fee. eg: Due to medical reason, indiscipline and family issues etc.
  32. It’s a responsibility of parents to communicate health issues of children to warden before joining the hostel. In case a child is or was suffering from any health issue; parents have to submit health certificate before sending their child to hostel.
  33. School strictly discourages accommodation at private P.G. and hostels. Any such case reported to school management holds the right to terminate a student from school. Students if not staying with parents can opt for a boarding facility or are allowed to stay at a local guardian’s family. No student shall be permitted to stay in private PG or hostel or with young brother or sister.

(Child of this age should be under parental guidance)

Rules for Exit/ Outing

  1. Parents are not allowed to meet their ward(s) in school/ hostel without the prior permission from the Warden.
  2. Gate pass for Day/night to meet your ward(s) can be issued by the concerned Warden.
  3. In case of emergency the warden may issue gate pass after discussing with the Principal.
  4. If students are unable to return on time after weekend/ holidays, a leave letter should be sent to the warden by the local guardians within 24 hours. Such leave will be only granted for medical reasons and a medical certificate should be submitted along with the leave application. The schools discourage taking leave without genuine reason and hold it’s right to take action against students ‘missing classes’ deliberately.
  5. Parents will not allowed to communicate or meet their ward(s) in hostel for first 20 days of new session i.e. April & July.

Visiting and Visiting Hours

  1. An identity card will be issued to each hostel student and his/her local guardians. No local guardian will be permitted to visit their ward without the identity card.
  2. Parents and local guardians may visit their wards only on the first and third Sunday in a month between 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  3. In case of any emergency a visit can be arranged with the Principal`s permission.
  4. A security guard will be on duty, at the main gate to stop borders from leaving the school premises without permission. He will keep a record in the register about visitors entering the school premises to visit hostel students.
  5. Parents are requested to inform and take permission from warden 24 hours in advance before coming to hostel.

Hostel fee & Pocket Money

  1. Fees once deposited shall not be refundable.
  2. Hostel fee has to be deposited on or before the schedule date given. In case of late deposition late fee will be charged.
  3. If a hosteller leaves the boarding facility in the middle of the year then Parents/Guardian will have to pay an entire year boarding fee.
  4. Parents/ Guardians are requested not to give any cash to students for their basic expenditure they can deposit money in their pocket money account.