School & Hostel admissions for Academic session 2024-25 are open now with limited seats. Chairperson's Message from Central Public School

Chairperson’s Message

Chairperson's Message

We are living in times that are fundamentally reorienting the approach each one of us have had towards life. COVID-19 has altered the way we approach education and life in general, especially for the children who are having to cope with the travails of online mode of education. In such a scenario, it is imperative we create a cocoon around our children in a manner they find it easy to prepare for the vagaries of an uncertain future. A reimagined education they will receive now will be crucial to not only their growth but also help them fuel imaginations in a way they are able to design a better tomorrow.

So what are skills needed in our children to brace for this new world? As a young girl, I was inspired by my paternal aunt, a headmistress herself, working in the remote village of Deogarh Madaria, where she toiled for the upliftment of rural students. My lessons even in those restricting confines were that children already had an innate sense of curiosity and capacity to learn even when chips were down for them in this far-flung school. These lessons have stood the test of the time even now but just need some reimagining from all us. This to only help show our children a way forward.

Mrs. Alka Sharma,
Chairperson, CPS

I truly believe, the successful students of tomorrow will have to imbibe a set of qualities unique to the new post pandemic world. Foremost of these would be the need to belong to a cohort and collective having a common sense of collaboration and teamwork. The children of tomorrow will have to be taught the value of gratitude towards what they possess, essence of shared learning, among other modern pedagogies focussed on online learning. There is also a need to protect these young and sensitive minds from the impact of this prolonged disruption and closure of the education system.

It is up to us to mould the future of tomorrow for these bright minds from what emerges from the ruins of the old system of education. A new integrated learning system must inculcate these skills besides looking after psychological and sociological needs of the children.

Let us together begin this journey!